Starting Your First Sitecore Astro Project

Anton Tishchenko
Anton Tishchenko
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You need a Sitecore Headless website that is up and running. Astro JSS SDK works only in connected mode. We recommend using a headless website managed by SXA. But it will work with a Sitecore headless website managed by configuration as well.

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Initializing the project

  1. Open terminal
  2. Run npx @astro-sitecore-jss/create-astro-sitecore-jss@latest
  3. Follow command line instructions and provide required parameters

Project Initialization

  1. Once it is finished, you can will see next message

Success Project Initialization

  1. Change the directory to the folder that you selected during project initialization cd astro
  2. If you need to change any configuration, edit scjssconfig.json
  3. Run website using npm run dev

Your project is ready! You can proceed to creation your first component.